Scope of our business is also to provide customers with a professional service of disposal and of recycling  of metal waste.

Disposal and recycling of metal waste is performed according to the law and enviromental regulations with the support of specialised partners across the world for the transport, processing and disposal of the metal waste.

This activity is specifically «unorthodox» and challenging, due to the endless variety of molecules and metal alloys, and to the peculiar problems that time to time must be faced in the full respect of the environment, the laws and the complex of norms.

In order to operate successfully in this market, it is therefore absolutely necessary our deep professional experience and knowledge, and also our highly qualified world wide network of partners, each one equipped for and skilled in specific fields of recycling and of disposal, according to the type of metal waste.

The form of the metal waste that we trade and recycle can be: solids, turnings, dust (very low moisture level), powder and sludge.